Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Unfortunate

One of the ways that our faith expresses itself is
by our ability to be still, to be present, and not
to panic or lose perspective. God still does His best
work in the most difficult of circumstances.

- quoted by: Tim Hansel

A baby girl was born with hydrocephalus.
Her parents cannot afford the medicinal process. Because the curative process
was uncovered by Kartu Sehat (one of health insurance for unfortunate people).
Whereas the baby need an immediate treatment, to reduce the fluid in her head.

Ironically, the baby is their one-and-only-daughter-whom-her parents have been dreaming off.

I'm whispering my prayer for the baby and her family.
God still does His best work in the most difficult of circumstances.
May each one of you who has been read this post, visit this link, and see
what you can do for them.

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

So Little Time

I feel so sleepy.
I'm puzzled. Ran out of time. And eat much :).

I'm dealing with deadlines. Important deadlines.
So many things to do in so little time.

I finally start my theses writing, with all the blindness of the topic I've chosen.
Come on..light up my spiriiittttt!!!

In addition, song of this period (until further notice):

dark is the night, i can weather the storm,
never say die, i've been down this road before,
i'll never quit, i'll never lay down,
see I've promised myself that i'd never let me down, so

I'll Never give up, never give in
never let a ray of doubt slip in
and if i fall, i'll never fail
i'll just get up and try again,
never lose hope, never lose faith
there's much too much at stake,
upon myself i must depend,
i'm not looking for place to show, i'm gonna win

no stopping now, there's still a ways to go,
ohh, someway, somehow
whatever it takes i know,
i'll never quit, no, no i'll never go down
i'll make sure they remember my name
a hundred years from now

P.S: Ngga penting amat yah? Hehe.

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