Friday, February 11, 2005

Just Move On, pal!

Do you know the best way to overcome your gloomy feelings?
By listening others..and their story..

This afternoon, feeling sleepy..since I have a PETIRphobic, and the rain last night made me really sleepless, a l il bit gloomy inside..doing blogwalking all day long..My fellow call me, in a tiny voice, barely unheared..trying not to cry.

My pal: I met him
Me: Who? Your charming-handsome-whose heart bit faster lately guy? * LOL *
My pal: No, not that him.. him! The old him!
Me: What? Are you ok?


Me: I ll call to your cell, so you can get outta your cubicle

..Hang up the phone, dialing her cell..

My Pal: Ket?
Me: tell me..
My Pal: He came suddenly just when I crossed the street, he is there out of nowhere! I wasnt really prepared to met I just greet him. He greet me back. He was on his way to mosque. We promised to meet right after he has finished his pray. So we met then, and we talked it over. Ironically..before we talked it over, he asked me to join his family gathering this weekend..*sniff* (she s crying, I guess)
Me: Is he okay? Can he handle that?
My Pal: He looked stupidly miserable, desperately staring at me..grab my hand and tell me how much he loves me, and that he didnt want letting me go.

..she s continuing..

My pal: He thought that we had commited each other..he thought that I supposed to understand him, that he couldnt express everything in words. He thought we re lovers. So here I am..the devil woman..*sniff* (she s still crying, I guess).
Me: Hei..dont say things like re not the devil. You always have choices right? You deserve what you think is the best for you. He is untouchable, gosh! For two weeks he didnt talk to you, didnt reply your message, didnt answer your call nor return to call you. His first message to you, after two weeks missing is even not for you, wrong recipient right? Helllloww!!
My Pal: Yea, you right..

Me: It is really not your fault, after what he had done to you, you finally choose someone who has been waiting for you for three year..I repeat 3 YEARS!!..and you ve been waiting for him as well, offering something better to you, something you ve been dreaming this whole life. Hey, you deserve the best!
My Pal: Yea, you right..*sniff*. He will be just fine, right?
Me: How worst can that be? Maybe he will smoke a little, drink a little..
My Pal: and do some drugs, then killing himself..*bigger sniff*
Me: Hey..Even if he s not fine, it is none of your responsibility..he himself also has some choices, he may choose doing something bad to his life or not..but still it is none of your business..
My Pal: really right, I guess..

Me: Please dont you-really-right is true..what you have right now is one of consequences of making a choice. So once you ve made a choice..just move on..dont turn back
My Pal: yea you right..I wont turn back (tks God she finally answer me in a different phrase!!)..*sniff*..thanks for saying is really revealing.

To my pal, you will be just fine..and live happily ever-after with your whose-heart-bit-faster-lately guy..

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