Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Blogger's Block

Few days ago, I visited verypurpleperson and found out she has changed her blog template, from purple background into coloring-strip was so sweet layout! So i tag her, in her shoutbox and got her response afterward (read it below):

2:24 PM Jun 20, 2005 IP 6:213
Nice changes!

2:50 PM Jun 20, 2005 IP
katrin: thanks! these changes means that i've got writer's block -or
rather blogger's block-

Note that she mentioned blogger's block! own definition of Blogger's block is certain condition when bloggers don't know what to post in their blog.

*Smile* i myself have got blogger's block lately, that's why I haven't posted anything new recently..Anyway I've listed things I've done while I'm having blogger's block:

Visiting other blog, esp the ones that listed in my blog and greet them

Adding some extra accesories to my blog ; designing new blog lay out ( is so damn difficult task to do *Y-na, help me out!*); or just simply trying new tools without applying it to my blog

Writing post 'bout blogger's block
This is why this post exist *LOL*

How about you? What did you do during your blogger's block days?

Notes: Hey, I've added a new section in my blog! Please do check my book and CD review on sidebar (find it below the tagboard)..give some comment also if you care. This is one of things I've done during my blogger's block days *smile*

posted by ketket | 5:10 AM
5:10 PM Blogger nova said...

Change my LayouuuTTTTTT toooooooo... :))

  6:14 PM Anonymous golda said...

oh itu namanya???
blogger's block? seperti waktu itu aku comel comel yaa? hehehe..
but now im fine.. at last ;) and im quite productive too :D

  7:14 PM Anonymous ria said...

wiuuhh...dikau creative sekali...dalam keadaan blogger's block aja masih bisa nulis...hehehe...

klo daku biasanya klo gak maen game, baca buku klo gak sama kayak nova...otak-atik layout...hehehhee...

  1:56 AM Blogger irwan rouf said...

Ngalamin "Blogger's block"? Langsung aja nulis apa yang ada di kepala saat itu juga. Kasih batasan waktu paling lama antara 3-5 menit tanpa berhenti, tanpa dipikir ulang! Dan setelah itu muncullah tulisan" yg sebelumnya ga kebayang kita bakal bisa tulis. Itu namanya "freewriting". Semoga membantu...

  3:24 AM Anonymous YNa said...

duuhh.. merasa bersalah krn sampai hari ini saya blum ngulik html yg dikau kirim.. oh teman macam apa aku ini! *gdubrakk!! hehe..
mmm, problem solving blum sih? *kabuuurr!!


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