Sunday, June 12, 2005

Musical Baton

Yesterday, miss insomniac surprised me with her Musical Baton. What is musical baton anyway? those who already has friendster account, this is another form of bulletin board. But here, we post it in our blog then offering it to five other people. The five other people may continue post it in their blog or not. But since we dont have special function to tell our five other people that we have offered them this, we need to inform them anyway. For me, I choose five other people whom I believe visit my blog oftenly ( I hope so *smile*).

I found out there are some pros and kontras bout this baton, but somehow i decided to pass this either *smile*. Well..this is it:

Total volume of my music files on my computer
None in this notebook, I use my office PC..since I spend some more time in office than home.

What is my latest CD bought?
Greatest hits of Stevie Wonder and latest album of Andien

Songs I am listening recently
One of Tangga latest song (can't remember the title) is everywhere on the radio

5 songs I listen to a lot (memorable songs)
1. That s what friend s are for - Dionne Warwick
2. Time after Time - Tuck and Patty
3. I will Fly - Ten to Five
4. One Last Cry - Bryan McKnight
5. Whatever, Whenever, Wherever - Maxwell

Five other people i choose to offer this musical baton
1. Edi - Beruang
2. Lisa - Strawberry
3. Oni (you really need to update your blog *LOL* )
4. Nita Sellya
5. Topik a.k.a Mamat

posted by ketket | 11:30 AM
8:45 AM Anonymous ria said...

waaaaaaaaahh....musical baton lagi rame nih..sayang daku belon sempat folow up lemparan musial baton ke aku...hehehehe...:D

  9:08 PM Anonymous xammy said...

Tangga - Terbaik Untukmu.
You can listen to this in my blog :P
Lam kenal...

  6:21 PM Blogger Nita Sellya said...

mana lemparannya, Nang? *clingukan*

  6:59 PM Blogger nova said...

Dianne Warren is one of my fave singer of all times!! :)

  6:04 PM Anonymous golda said...

Tangga – Terbaik Untukmu

aku sadar kalau kini, kita sudah.. smakin menjauh
sempat aku berpikir ini, kau yang menginginakannya.. lepas dari pelukku
oo.. kini aku sadari, ini salahku
tak ingin ku terlambat dan sesali

maafkalah bila ku selalu, membuatmu marah dan benci padaku
kulakukan itu semua, hanya untuk buatmu bahagia
mungkin ku cuma, tak bisa pahami, bagaimana cara tunjukkan maksudku
aku cuma ingin jadi, terbaik untukmu (kuingin terbaik untuk dirimu)

kuingin kau tetap disini, bersamaku, pujaan bagiku
berikan satu kesempatan, untuk ku membuktikan sesungguhnya cintaku
oo.. kini aku sadari, ini salahku
tak ingin ku terlambat dan sesali


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