Monday, August 22, 2005


Hi God..uhmm..You know I didn't send You
message very often..hope You still have
my number in Your cell. It's Katrin with Kilo,
not Cherio and there's no H in my name..
in case there's a lot of Katrin in Your phone book.

Well..hmmm.. Iwas wondering can You..
Y'know, give me some miracle at least for this week.
Yea, I believe you've heard some of my problems.
I don't expect you're going to solve them all for me..
but this one, I don't think I cant handle this..I've tried
and wait for the result..and it's Your part now.

Yes..yes I know I don't have to remind that,
and I don't.. I just emphasize that. LOL.
God, I really need Your miracle..correction..I desperately need it.

And I'm sorry this message appeared very long,
it's 3 link!..hope they don't interrupt Your time much..

Message sent.



posted by ketket | 10:50 PM

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