Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Right Thing

"Have I done the right thing?"

For the first time, I guess, I start to doubt myself..

I feel like I can't stand it anymore..


Well..I guess things are happening for reason (s)..

This is happening to me, must be because I have the live this kind of life.

Yeah..I forgot, I used to be a survivor..

I think I'll survive this one too..

posted by ketket | 5:20 PM
3:27 AM Blogger -edi- said...

bener hun..jalanin aja semuanya.wajar kalo cape, itu semua ada maksudnya.
love you

  3:34 AM Blogger caramelmacchiato said...

iya ket.. jalanin aja.. *sok-tau-banget* sih gue..

  5:03 AM Blogger bridge said...

hmmm, tidak semua yang kita lakukan is the right thing...
tapi kalau itu yg lo percaya, jalanin aja...

  7:32 AM Blogger Nahria Medina Marzuki said...

Duileee ada yg love2an niiih...hehehehe.

Kunaon jeng???tanya sama hati what is the rightest thing for you,dan keep the praying going...

take care say..

  9:26 AM Anonymous Wira said...

Walahh "Theme Song" Blognya bikin mellow nih.. ngaruh ke komentator he3x..

Life is a choice Kat, I don't really know what you're talking about, but whatever that is, once you have decided, don't look back..

  10:46 PM Anonymous ria said...

what a coincidence...

emang saat bagini susah ket...but just take ur time and pray...He will make a way for you...^^

  9:54 AM Anonymous retna said...

dari setiap hal yang buruk pun pasti ada hal baik yang bisa dipelajari.
jadi kalaupun keputusan yang pernah kita ambil ternyata merupakan keputusan yang salah, tokh ada proses pembelajaran di dalamnya.
dan ya, setiap hal terjadi tidak secara kebetulan. Hal besar, hal kecil, kelihatannya acak tapi ternyata memiliki benang merah sehingga sebaiknya kita jangan pernah mengambil kesimpulan terlalu cepat untuk hal yang terjadi.

  11:03 PM Blogger Dak-Ind said...

although i dont know you, from reading the rest of your site, i have every confidence that you will make the right choices for you. in the end, whats right for you is all you can do, regardles of what might be "right"


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