Sunday, November 27, 2005

A Peach Rose

No man has ever asked which one I prefer: Flower or chocolate?
They always thought I like chocolate better than the other.

Actually I love both of them..but I'll prefer Flower (s) if a man ask me which one I want.
Because I can get chocolate by my self, even the heart-shape ones.
But it will be a l'il bit awkward, I guess, if once I go to the florist and buy some flower there.

Well just a thought of mine ..but for sure I'll never go to florist and buy some flower for myself.

That's why I was so surprised, when the bear picked me up at campus last thursday, he gave me:

A Rose. And it's peach. My favorite colour of rose.

That was one of the most romantic thing he's ever done to me.

Thank you..for loving me the way you do.

posted by ketket | 11:25 AM
1:19 AM Blogger mamat ! said...

so it's the matter of the flower or the sender ? :P

lu bukannya lebih suka bunga deposito atau SBi gitu ?

  3:45 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

how romantic... udah update blog yaaa... gue udah hiatus buanget... -bri-

  1:22 PM Blogger bkrazif said...

huhuhuhu... senang dong yaa akhirnya ada yang mengerti diri kamu.. ^^ pasti senang bgt tuh dpt bunga.. hehehe

  2:54 AM Blogger blossom said...

wah senangnya dapet mawar mana peach lagi..duh jd pengen..ada ga yah yg biru??

  4:02 AM Blogger Nita Sellya said...

ugh. pengen!

  10:56 AM Blogger konnyaku said...

so romantic ^^
and the rose is magnifique :D

  9:35 PM Anonymous Wira said...

Wahh romantis nya..

Justru sesekali itu yang bikin istimewa, kalo saban ketemu ngasih bunga lama2 jadi biasa aja, atau nggak ya? He3x..

Met weekend Kat :)

  12:53 AM Anonymous atta said...

wah... senangnya ;)

  8:48 PM Blogger ime' said...

heheheh, lo kan agak weird kalo beli buat elo sendiri, beli buat gue aja deh :)):)) tapi, anonymous yaaa pengirimnya, biar gue mikirnya dari cowok :)):)):))

  10:23 PM Blogger rubah pertapa said...

kayaknya saya musti belajar nih sama sia akang. Soalnye si eneng, selalu bilang, "Bang1 Kamu nggak romantis!" Alah!

  2:43 AM Anonymous emma said...

do'h ..kapan ya suamiku memberi bunga?? :D

  2:34 AM Anonymous nova said...

aduuuw, ur bear so romantic katrin ;)

  10:50 PM Anonymous sa said...

cantik ya bunganya. :)
met gabung di blogfam ya, katrin. acc membernya sdh diaktifkan. ditunggu sapa nya di perkenalan. :)

  2:29 AM Anonymous nadia said...

sooooo sweeeeeettt!!! ;)


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