Monday, January 09, 2006



Okay! Take it easy, baby!
Take a deep breath..inhhhhaale...exhhaaale..fiuh..

5 min.

I can't stand it!

..SSSsss..uuuckkk! SUCK! SUCK!

Forgive my word, fellas.


posted by ketket | 3:00 PM
3:56 AM Anonymous YNa said...

ada yg perlu napas buatan Kat? hehe..
pake gambar dunk biar jelas :P

  10:23 PM Blogger lia said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4:18 AM Blogger bridge said...

Are you having one of those moments???

  11:25 AM Anonymous reredeny said...

hey...,whuzz up?!!!
something happen????
are u okey???

  11:17 PM Blogger ime' said...

hajar bleeehhhh :D hehehehe....

  12:16 PM Anonymous Wira said...

Udah nggak tahan lagi ya Kat, moga2 sekarang udah mendingan lah ya.. nggak mau ikutan trend hiatus? :-p

  12:59 PM Blogger Luigi said...

Hope you wont have to need a defribilator to breathe :) - I guess as the numbers of caring peole stop-by to give support, may this enable you to lighten-up and get cheered-up.

Take it easy, dear :)

  10:37 PM Anonymous atta said...

tenang neng
ada yang lupa lagi
sabar ya
sini sini
*hug mode ON*

  11:04 PM Blogger Fortuna said...

What's going on?
Are you in pain?
Is this breast feeding or sumthin else? Don't make me guessing here... C'mon girl... tell us... :)

  3:02 AM Blogger Jammie said...

booooeeeehhh.. nape nih bisa ampe kaya begini?

  12:16 AM Blogger dahlia said...

gw yakin elo abis mimpi
dikejar kejar ama T-ReX
trus ngendap ngendap eh malah ktemu kingkong

sabar sabar memang yang namanya kingkong emang gituh

  4:22 PM Blogger bkrazif said...

baca sempat bingung?? kirain ada ceritanya.. huhuhu

everything is alright kan?? i hope so :)

  5:25 AM Blogger Nahria Medina Marzuki said...

kunaon neng?


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