Friday, August 18, 2006

Lantern Festival

Last Sunday, I went to Lantern Festival at Senayan, the festival titled: The Magic of Disney. Whatta paradise! Since I'm a big fan of Disney's characters. Of course the sight seeing turned out to be a photo session, oh yea we wuldn't miss such moments :p. Thank God we brought a professional photographer (and his assistant *LOL*) along with us.

From thousand pictures taken on that day, I chose top 3 for you to see, :D. Anyway all photos are taken from the photographer's site. Please check the site, and you will see more interesting pics in Lantern Festival. Oh yea..have a nice long weekend all!!! And Merdeka!


posted by ketket | 12:30 AM
12:59 AM Anonymous sLesTa said...

kalo dari kantor gue, terlihat dengan jelas tuh keramaiannya. cuma gue belom sempet mampir buat foto2.. baru foto2 dari jendela kantor aja.. :)

pics look good.

  11:04 PM Blogger bridge said...

hei, sm dooong..... gue juga tgl 17 Agt kemarin kesana... Mau liat lagi sih nanti hari2 kerja
biar murah ^_^

  1:28 AM Blogger ime' said...

ket, masih ada gak yah sekarang-sekarang??? gue pengen ke sanaaaaaa :((:((:(( kayaknya rame deh :D


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