Friday, July 25, 2008


We have rainy hours during lunch time at Langkawi.

Well, that's ok!

We plan to walk down the road to the shops nearby our hotel after this little storm :).

Now we just sit at the library enjoying our hot coffee with this fast internet connection.


posted by ketket | 9:34 PM
4:44 AM Blogger M.R.Indrasari said...

Hi! Still enjoying your coffee and fast internet connection? By the way I have a blog award for you. See it in my blog! ;-)

  12:55 AM Blogger ime' said...

library, coffee, fast internet connection.

bisa dianter ke rumah gak?

  11:39 AM Blogger nadia febina said...

hai kett.. udah lamaaa banget gak maen ke sini. Just wondering how you are.. :)
So you are in vacation BUT with a computer with you?? Liburan neng, liburan, forget the blog! :D

  11:44 PM Blogger Andreas Pilipus said...

Ini k' Katrin TI'97 ya? (Ga yakin :D) Iya k', aku juga blogger yg kembang kempis, krn kuliah terlalu sibuk jd bener2 susah tuk setia blogging :D

  11:46 PM Blogger ketket said...

iya dongggg...mana ada lagi Katrin yang tulisannya kaya namaku huahahahaha...

Dah berapa lama di s'pore?

Jadi alih profesi dari engineer ke teologia nih?

Tapi ini kok pas dirimu lagi online juga yah..hahahaha..


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